Early Skiing Career

After competing on the European tour and gaining good results at the British Championships, Nick was selected the 1983 British Alpine Ski team. He also continued to study and qualified with the British Association of Ski Instructors passing his grade 1 ISIA exam in 1985 with a double merit. Nick remained part of the British ski team from 1982/83 season through to 1989, racing in Europe, North America and collecting two national titles and a string of international accolades along the way however injury got in the way of further success.

“I had hoped to keep racing for many more years however this was not possible because of a recurring back injury. Sadly I had to quit the Olympic team of 1998 after an attempt to come back from my injury lasted only a matter of weeks.”

Nick’s whole life had revolved around skiing and the fact that he was no longer able to ski race was a huge blow.

“Skiing was all I knew, the team was like a second family to me and my ski racing days were an era that I didn’t want to end”

However Nick soon found himself in a new role in the commenatry box more...


The above photos are of Nick during his skiing career and in his current role as presenter for Skiing on 4. He is pictured here in the commentary box with the American skier, Darron Ralhves.

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Hothouse Productions was founded by Nick Fellows in 1998, to create an alternative voice in sports, factual, lifestyle and adventure television programming. The company has brought lifestyle sports to terrestrial television, merging music, fashion, style and travel into the traditional event based sports formula with sports such as skiing and snowboarding, beach volleyball and triathlon. Since then the company has also started producing documentaries in China and Cuba and factual adventure travel programming for clients around the world. Hothouse has produced programming for all of the major terrestrial broadcasters in the UK as well as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and South America.

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    Television presenter...full biography, details, showreel

    Nick Fellows is currently working on the Red Bull Air Race. He is providing commentary for both the international programmes and also the Channel 4 series. The Red Bull Air race started in April 2008 in Abu Dhabi and will continue until the final event in Perth November 2008.

    Nick FellowsNick Fellows has just finished presenting and Executive Producing the sixth series of World Cup Skiing on 4. The series provides Channel 4 with over 110 hours of programming.

    Like last year, Nick is also presented and reported for CBC-Canada.

    During the Autumn Nick worked on a documentary in South America which focused on the British team's training in South America.


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