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Peak Performance, has been a supplier of Hothouse Productions for five years. They produce a unique line of clothing which creatively combines fashion and sport. Peak Performance started in 1986 and due to the ongoing competition for better products it has positioned itself amongst top brands. Their products are constantly evolving working with the best material suppliers in the world.  Peak Performance create their own designs and have two main collections each year, a fall and spring collection and a smaller Christmas and summer collection.  Amongst these collections are Ski, Golf, Technical Outdoor and Training wear and the sportswear section which is made up of clothing worn before and after sport.  Peak Performances key features within their wear are high quality, optimal functionality, innovative design, functional fashion and attention to detail. 



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Hothouse Productions was founded by Nick Fellows in 1998, to create an alternative voice in sports, factual, lifestyle and adventure television programming. The company has brought lifestyle sports to terrestrial television, merging music, fashion, style and travel into the traditional event based sports formula with sports such as skiing and snowboarding, beach volleyball and triathlon. Since then the company has also started producing documentaries in China and Cuba and factual adventure travel programming for clients around the world. Hothouse has produced programming for all of the major terrestrial broadcasters in the UK as well as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and South America.

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    Television presenter...full biography, details, showreel

    Nick Fellows is currently working on the Red Bull Air Race. He is providing commentary for both the international programmes and also the Channel 4 series. The Red Bull Air race started in April 2008 in Abu Dhabi and will continue until the final event in Perth November 2008.

    Nick FellowsNick Fellows has just finished presenting and Executive Producing the sixth series of World Cup Skiing on 4. The series provides Channel 4 with over 110 hours of programming.

    Like last year, Nick is also presented and reported for CBC-Canada.

    During the Autumn Nick worked on a documentary in South America which focused on the British team's training in South America.


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